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Advocating for Educational Opportunities

Most of our children have some sort of physical disability. Many of those, however, do have the mental ability to thrive through education. 

Where appropriate, we advocate for those children to enter the school system. Equal education is a true challenge in China. Schools are not wheelchair accessible and each grade is placed on a different floor. A child with special needs means extra work for teachers. 

Each time an ICC child is placed in a local school, it’s a huge victory. We give teachers and administrators the support they need to understand disabilities and integrate our children into mainstream classes. 
We’re working hard to change attitudes and promote inclusion. We ensure they have transportation to and from school, help with homework and physical therapy at the school, if required. And we’ve seen some major success.

Special Education

For some children, receiving an education from a school in the community just isn't an option. 

This can happen because of accessibility issues, but often it's because a community school just isn't equipped to provide special education services that meet the needs of children with more profound disabilities.  

We work to meet those needs with in-house special education programmes that are inclusive of every style of learner. We believe that our children have the capacity to learn and we want to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. 
Special education is not confined only to the classroom. It includes life skills training in residence and through meaningful activities, daily routine and early childhood education starting at birth.
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