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The children at ICC are special in a lot of different ways, but here's what they have in common:

They came to us from local government Welfare Centres where they possibly shared a room with at least 20 other children. As babies, they might have been one of four or five to a crib. Food is scarce. A lone care-worker would barely have time to feed and clean them, let alone hold or listen to them. 

A typical child has a profound physical or intellectual disability—a disability that was just too much for their families to manage. They might have a life threatening condition, like heart disease or a debilitating birth defect. Perhaps they suffer from autism, Down's syndrome or cerebral palsy. 

Coming to ICC means having their world flipped around in the best possible way. Suddenly they receive proper nutrition, every day. They live in small family-like units with dedicated care workers. People are advocating for life-saving surgeries. They are educated. They are held. They’re loved. 

Here are some stories of just a few of the children in our care. 

Wang Zhi Hong

Wang Zhi Hong came into ICC's care in 2005. He wasn't able to speak and was unresponsive. The welfare centre staff said he was unable to understand anyone speaking to him and had thought he might be a lost cause. But as the years went by, the therapy and medical care he received, along with a lot of love, has changed his situation dramatically. 

Today, he lives in a group home with seven other boys. He's the home's big brother and he's looked up to. He's very handy with tools and takes the responsibilities given to him very seriously.

Shan Ying

Shan Ying is a young woman that lives in the Sanmenxia Welfare Centre in Sanmenxia, Henan province. From a young age, she had a dream of going to school with other children, but her disability made this almost impossible. But then she was able to go to school and she excelled. She also began to study music and is now an accomplished pianist and flautist. 

Shan Ying also passed a test to become a qualified child care worker in the Sanmenxia Welfare Centre where she now has a paying job. Between her studies, she provides care for many of the infants that come into the centre.

Tun Tun

Tun Tun came to ICC from the government Welfare Centre. After a year in poor conditions in an overcrowded facility, she was severely malnourished. She couldn’t walk and was left in a crib for days on end. But Tun Tun was a fighter—and a wonderful caregiver to the other children! At the welfare centre she was known for sharing her meagre portions with weaker, younger children. By the time she arrived at ICC, our team already knew her well and threw a party to welcome her. Though she has severe physical challenges, she is using a walker and can now bathe herself! She still puts other children before herself and is a joy to be around.

Support children like Wang Zhi Hong, Shan Ying and Tun Tun by becoming a Child Sponsor or making a donation.

Sun Wu

Sun Wu is a young woman in her early 20s. She came into ICC's care in 1997. She had spina bifida which had also affected the development of one of her legs. Prior to ICC's care, Sun Wu had received very little treatment for her medical condition, but that all changed after 1997 and she received the love and help she needed. 

Today, Sun Wu is an important part of the care and treatment for the many other children growing up in ICC's facilities in Changsha. She is a Special Education Assistant for ICC's in-house programs. She also helps the children with their homework, leads activities when the children are on break and just loves to help her "brothers" and "sisters." Her dream is to one day open a special school in Changsha for disabled children so they too can have the opportunities that were given to her.

Wang Hua

Wang Hua is a very special young woman who has been in ICC's care from the earliest days of operations in Changsha. She was born with cerebral palsy and abandoned into a welfare centre where she wasn't given any physical therapy and was unable to move. She was so weak at that time, but was kept alive by a young boy that she shared a bed with. 

In ICC's care, she got the therapy and medical support she needed. Today, she works as an assistant in special education classes, types up sponsorship reports and is a big sister to the other children. She is an incredible demonstration of the power of love, hope and opportunity and how that can change the lives of those who have been abandoned.

Bin Bin

Bin Bin is a boy with cerebral palsy that affects all four of his limbs. He is probably the most physically disabled of the boys in his family-style group home that are his brothers. But that in no way diminishes his intelligence. He speaks very well in his own language, as well as being able to speak a little bit of English. He even helps correct our foreign volunteers when their Chinese is quite up to par and he'll translate in "proper Chinese" what we say to him and his friends. 

A few years ago, some foreign volunteers brought him a new wheelchair and that has dramatically changed his life. He has lots of mobility now as he is able to wheel himself around wherever he wishes to go.

Support children like Sun Wu, Wang Hua and Bin Bin by becoming a Child Sponsor or making a donation.

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