Where We Work

China is a huge nation. Children with disabilities are abandoned every day in all parts of the country. We choose our project locations based on areas of high need, where we can partner with local government welfare centres. Right now, ICC has projects in three cities: Changsha, Hengyang and Sanmenxia.


(Henan Province)

The project in Sanmenxia began in 2010 and is a joint venture with the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Institute. Close to 100 children and young adults are in care there with our staff being fully integrated with the Institute's staff. 

Learn more about our work in Sanmenxia 



(Hunan Province)

Changsha was the first location where we began work in 1993, eventually establishing a permanent presence in 1997. In the various facilities around the city, we care for over 100 children and young adults. Our ground-breaking Community Outreach Project in the city works with over 300 families preventing abandonment of children with disabilities.

Learn more about our work in Changsha 



(Hunan Province)

Hengyang was the second project location that we started in 2006. Today we care for more than 160 children in family-style settings, including community-based group homes 16 young girls and boys.

Learn more about our work in Hengyang 


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