Circle of Hope

“Circle of Hope” is a circle of ICC’s friends who come together to share hope to the children and young adults we serve, and to spread this positive influence continuously so that more and more people will become part of this circle.

Each year, ICC holds the “Circle of Hope” fundraising dinner with a special theme, bringing together new and old friends of ICC for a feast of love and grace. It is not only a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the changes in the lives of those we have touched and walked alongside, but also a meaningful time to respond to the needs of the abandoned and disabled in China.

Circle of Hope 2018

Be a part of “Circle of Hope” to bring fuller lives to those in need.
GET INVOLVED and stay tuned for the Circle of Hope Fundraising Dinner in your city.


Hong Kong

Date:  11th May 2018 (Friday)

Location: Island Shangri-La Hotel



Date:  15th May 2018 (Tuesday)

Location: Emmanuel Evangelical Church



Date:  19th May 2018 (Saturday)

Location: Mcleod Country Golf Club



Date:  23th May 2018 (Wednesday)

Location: Pines Restaurant



Date:  26th May 2018 (Saturday)

Location: Beau Monde International Hotel