Your Sponsorship is LIFE-GIVING

We believe that care is for life and should be more than just meeting basic needs. Our hope is for every child to lead a full and meaningful life. Your sponsorship will help make an impact in six key areas:

Stable Home

A safe and loving home with family-style care by trained and dedicated carers.

Nutritious Food

Healthy meals served in a family-style setting.

Special Education

Small group classes according to abilities.

Medical Care

Regular medical care and emergency medical intervention.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Access to dedicated in-house therapists and therapy equipment.

Life Skills & Vocational Training

Empowerment through valuable life skills and vocational training.

See your impacts in action

Many sponsors shared that sponsorship not only allowed them to contribute to the lives of those in need, it has also changed their lives.

Learn more about "Hand-in-Hand" Sponsorship Programme

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  • Can I visit my sponsored child?

Stories of Impact