Short Term Teams

ICC hosts several Short Term Teams each year for those who want to spend a week or two volunteering at one of our project sites in China. The purpose of these teams is to support caregivers with additional activities, outings and playtime for our children and young adults. While specific activities will vary based on location and needs, each team member will have the opportunity to spend much of his or her day serving in one of our small group homes.

We believe that what you take away from the trip will be at least as important, and life changing, as what you give while you are here. We hope that by engaging with our children, young adults, staff and volunteers, you will come to see with new eyes what it means to bring love, hope and opportunity to the abandoned and disabled, and even more importantly how you can play a role when you return to your home country.

Sharing by Short Term Team Member

“When I met the children and started working and playing with them, it was like scales fell from my eyes. I understood as much as I was there to serve them, the children were refreshing me spiritually with their warm love and exuberant friendship.

While in China, I saw the world through the eyes of those abandoned and rejected and had my heart broken over and over again. Being part of a China Team has become one of the greatest experiences of my life!”

– Paul from Canada

2018 Short Term Team Dates & Locations

  • March 25 – April 7 (Hengyang)
  • June 11-22 (Backpacker Team to Changsha)
  • July 15-28 (Hengyang)
  • August 12-25 (Hengyang)
  • October 14-27 (Changsha or Hengyang)

2019 Short Term Team Dates & Locations

  • January 6-19 (Changsha)
  • March 16-29 (Location to be determined)
  • April 14-27 (Hengyang)
  • June 17-23 (Express Team to Hengyang)
  • July 21 – August 3 (Hengyang) (Sorry! Team is full and registration is closed)
  • August 11-24 (Hengyang)
  • October 13-26 (Hengyang)

*Team dates and locations are subject to change. Please continue to check this site for the latest information.

Registration Fees*

Please note: this fee is non-refundable.

AUD $100 CAD $100 EUR €60 GBP £60 HKD $500 USD $100

Trip Fees* (excluding Backpacker and Express Teams**)

This fee does not include your flight or any associated travel needs (passport, visa, insurance etc.) to and from your home to the team meeting point.

AUD $1,580 CAD $1,550 EUR €1,200 GBP £890 HKD $10,000 USD $1,400


*Adjusted fees as of September 2017 and are subject to change based on future exchange rate movements. These fees will apply for all new team registrations for all 2018 teams.

**If you are signing onto a Backpacker Team please contact your local National Office for the 2018 fee. Fee for Express Team (June to August 2019) is unavailable before September 2018. Please contact your local national office for an update. 

Who can go?

Teams come to our projects with a huge range of abilities. We do not require participants to have any special skills or qualification except for a heart to serve China’s abandoned and disabled children and young adults. Applicants should be over 18, but we will consider applicants under 18 if accompanied by a responsible adult.

When can I go and for how long?

ICC hosts about 5 short term teams per year and each service trip last about 2 weeks. You can check the latest short term teams schedule here.

Where will the short term team meet?

Short term teams will meet their team leader in either Beijing or Hong Kong for a time of orientation prior to travelling into the project.

Where will I be staying?

Accommodation is in western-style hotels. All rooms have full ensuite bathrooms with showers.

What kind of food can I expect?

Almost all your meals will be prepared from local, fresh ingredients. Chinese food is eaten family-style from platters shared at a table. Meals usually consist of a variety of vegetable dishes, meat dishes and rice. Depending on the location, the food can be spicy. ICC can arrange meals for specific dietary requirements.

What will my team and I do during our stay?

You will serve alongside people from around the world helping with a variety of activities. This may involve playing games, doing handicrafts or other activities with our children and young adults.

If you have specialist skills in areas such as medical care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, art therapy, or related fields, you may have the opportunity to carry out more specialised activities. 

Your service schedule will allow for time with the children, as well as time for personal reflection and team building.

Am I the right person to serve in China?

You can come as you are. We don’t require you to have any special skills or qualifications to provide love and care to the children and young adults with special needs. You just need to be willing to serve those in need.

Can I form my own team?

We encourage groups of people who wish to travel and serve together to join one of the short term teams.

What is an Express Team?

An Express Team runs similar to a general short term team but has a shorter stay period (about 1 week).